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Introduction: On January 11, , fifteen-year-old Nora Fuller disappeared after she left her home. She told her single mother of three that she was going to meet with a man about a job as a nanny after she found his advertisement in the local newspaper. I think that will be my next investment! Unsolved Mysteries Bizarre Murders. I bought Unsolved Mysteries Bizarre Murders and received it today and it only came with 2 dvds. I'd like to have all 4 if they are out there, but i'm glad at what I got.

I'd like to have whole collection but it's a little to pricy for me. But if anyone out there knows of a volume 2 to Bizarre Murders please let me know, Thankyou When they rereleased the DVD sets a few years ago, they only included half of the content of the originals - they never did sets with the other half, that 2 disc Bizarre Murders is all you can get unless you find the earlier edition with 4 discs. It contained all the DVD collections plus a few bonus ones. So I have all 4 of the discs to bizarre murders, because It was bought back in , close to the time they came out. Its insane. Its just because they no longer make them, so obviously people who do own them and want to sell them jack up the price.

New Light on Toronto’s Oldest Cold Case – and all that

It's a shame someone like Shout Factory couldn't grab this show and give it some brand new releases for a decent price. I was really annoyed when I ordered the murder set and only got half the cases. I'd be among the first to buy the old episodes if they became available, but it's not shocking to me that they don't allow fans to post them online, because they are still actively selling the Farina versions of the very same stories.

The show comes on every weekday morning in the U. I watch it sometimes because it's the only way I can see the show nowadays.

I mostly watch the originals. I was lucky enough to download them to my mac when someone posted literally hours of original uncut UM episodes online before they were deleted for copyright violation of course. Nothing compares to the originals.

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They are rediculous the way they troll video sharing sites just looking for it. Player FM might just be it.

Unsolved Murder & Ghosts of Appalachia - Gregg Clark - 070219

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