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That number might just shock you into wanting to change. Yes, it's amazing that we can document and share every part of our lives online, but it can also pressure you to feel as though you are constantly "performing" for others. This can create undue stress, especially when you start to make decisions based on how they would look to other people as opposed to how they would feel to you. This will help you identify what parts of your life you genuinely appreciate, and what parts you enjoy only because of how you think it will would look to other people.

A lot of mindless scrolling is Either way, just making it less accessible will actually help you stay on it a lot less. The classic trait of an ambivert is that they are outgoing and social in certain settings, which is an important habit to develop, no matter where you fall on the scale of intro- to extraversion.

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Being mindful about who you share your time with, connect with and even vent to can have a huge impact on your life and wellbeing. You become who you spend time with, or so they say. Write down a list of your long-term goals, and call it your vision for your life.

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Reference it often. Keep it in your mind as you're cycling through your day-to-day tasks. Commit to protecting your mental space as much as you do anything else that matters. Make a serious commitment to being the most grounded, peaceful person you can be Release whatever thoughts you're harboring, even if it doesn't make sense or you don't really believe it. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Professionally executed from the point of sale to delivery. The item arrived in perfect condition.

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This Item Ships to. Delivery in business days. Delivery and Returns. We did the full thing with the 3D glasses and everything. And for me, what was so moving. Tony Reinke Okay, yeah. This is what happens at the end. My youngest son has been a fan of Ironman since he was very, very little.

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We saw the movies when he was young and every Halloween he would dress up as Ironman. He had Ironman pajamas and then an Ironman plastic mask that would go over his face. He would pretend he had power to shoot lasers out of his palms. That, for me, landed really hard. And of course you see this on Halloween. Tony Reinke Absolutely. They do. This goes into just what the nature of what a spectacle is. And the gospel comes in and it flips reality. The gospel flips unreality into reality. And it flips what we thought was reality, and it exposes it as unreality.

The gospel is, in part, a judgment on everything about what is solid, and a judgement on what is worthless. We start to see what is solid and what is worthless. Because in our world we tend to think what is seen is the thing that is stable and certain. All that matters is what I can see with my physical eyes right now. And the gospel arrives and it flips that on its head because according to the apostle Paul, in reality, the things that are seen are transient. But the things that are unseen are eternal. And the things that lack substance are the things that we can see around us.

Tony Reinke Images are the things that I go to.

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Instagram or Facebook images or videos. Images are the one thing that we can speed up. Smells take a little while to process. There are estimates that it takes around forty-five to ninety seconds to process a smell, especially a new smell. It takes a long time. The ear is less easy to speed up. You lose something of the essence of it. But with images you can speed them up much, much quicker. So you can sit down on Instagram and just flip through hundreds and hundreds of images and waste a lot of time.

And that would be, for me, where the temptation is—in those images. So I need to press back from those things and not be so consumed with what can be captured on film. Tony Reinke I do two different digital detoxes per year. Those are typically 7—10 days long. Because for me I really have to get back to reading long books in a sustained way to flex the muscle that is my mind and my concentration needs that.

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Just that season once a year is so valuable for me to step away from digital media and to just recalibrate myself to the glacial pace of book reading, which is a healthy pace. Matt Tully So describe what it feels like to do that detox. How would you describe the feelings that you wrestle with?

Tony Reinke Well, day one hurts like crazy. Day two is painful. Day three is numb. Day four you start to get energy back. You start to get your concentration back, at least for me. And then it goes from there.

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