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Enjoy fillet steak with sauce for a healthy dinner that also boasts sweet potato fries, spinach and cherry tomatoes.

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You'll be getting all of your 5-a-day Get all five of your 5-a-day in this mildly spiced, healthy pasta dish. It's rich in iron, fibre and vitamin C as well as being low-fat and low-calorie Cook our healthy lamb curry with butternut squash for a tasty, filling dinner. It's low-calorie, rich in iron and provides three of your 5-a-day Add peanut butter to your pie filling for creaminess and top with a bean and potato mash for extra nutrients. A healthy yet hearty, gluten-free dinner.

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Make a quick and easy, gluten-free, low-calorie lunch. The lean white fish is also a good source of protein and spinach contains vitamin K for bone health. Pack up this tasty rice salad for a healthy vegetarian lunch. It's full of fibre, folate and vitamin C and is topped with protein-rich boiled eggs Porcini mushrooms give this healthy soup a real umami flavour boost. Pour into a flask for a warming, low-calorie lunch that you can take to work.

Make a perfect, protein-rich brunch or breakfast for two people. This healthy omelette can be on the table in just 10 minutes, served with juicy tomatoes. Make a healthy, low-fat, filling breakfast with the spicy, sweet flavours of pumpkin pie. It's a great way to start the day Bake our healthy, African-inspired peanut pies for a delicious veggie dinner. A portion provides all of your 5-a-day, plus iron, fibre, folate and vitamin C. Top wholemeal bread thins with creamy avocado and protein-rich beans for a healthy, low-calorie, vegetarian lunch that provides two of your 5-a-day.

Bake a Cake in 10 Steps

Cook up a batch of fresh, low-calorie celery soup for a healthy and filling veggie lunch or supper. Serve with chunks of crusty bread.

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Substituting half your pasta for swede ribbons and the breast of the duck rather than the leg makes this a leaner, but equally delicious, ragu. Serve this tasty beetroot, chickpea and lentil tabbouleh as a side dish or vegan main. It's healthy, gluten-free, low-calorie and three of your five-a-day If you need a healthy, low-calorie midweek meal after a busy day, try this cod served with smashed celeriac and courgette.

It's two of your five-a-day Feed the family these chicken skewers in flatbreads. They taste great as well as being healthy and an easy-to-make dinner for hectic weeknights. Try these slow cooker meatballs for a tasty family meal. Turkey mince makes lighter meatballs which kids love. Best for: When I have time on the weekend or an extra day off and my husband is willing to watch the kids patiently! Freezer cooking allows you to make large batches of your favorites foods to create your own convenience foods!

So instead of buying convenience foods filled with preservatives at a high cost, you cook them yourself and freeze them for super easy meals later. I love freezer cooking! I love being able to cook without distraction when I batch cook, I love how when we eat our freezer meals we can avoid kitchen clean up my least favorite job!

Ten Steps to a Safe Kitchen

HINT: We use this system now for both freezer cooking and the freezer dump cooking below because it's cheaper and makes planning meals and prepping quick and crazy easy. You can make 10 meals in an hour! You can get Freezeasy here. My husband is convinced I'm the only one that calls this dump cooking. I do this all the time! This is probably my favorite way to get into meal planning for beginners. It combines freezer cooking and slow cooker meals to make super easy effortless meals with very little work.

In about 2 hours, you can prep 20 dinners this way. You freeze them in gallon Ziploc bags, thaw them overnight and dump the ingredients from the bag into the crock pot in the morning. Then you come home to dinner already made! I love how crazy easy this is, the healthy ingredients, and how much time this frees up for other things. You also have the added convenience of no kitchen clean up. We even invest in slow cooker bags so we don't even have to clean out the slow cooker.

I then list meal ideas based on those items. If you have a freezer full of meat that you bought on sale, this is a great time to save a ton of money. This is one of the hardest ways to get into meal planning for beginners, but it's definitley gives you the most savings! Reserve this for weekends. There are totally situations that happen in life where it makes more sense to eat out than to cook at home.

Eating out is not bad in itself. The problem is mindlessly eating out and not understanding the sacrifice we make when we spend money on that. One example of a time when we chose to eat out was when our little girl was born. My husband had just returned to work and we were really overwhelmed by our new responsibilities, lack of sleep and losing our familiar routine.

As you fill in dinners, list the recipe source and page, and how long you need to plan to cook dinner i. Adding the time needed to cook is a huge time saver and prevents you from going to make dinner at 5pm and realizing that the ribs you bought take 4 hours to cook.

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When you can tell at a glance when to make dinner, it helps minimize the times that you abandon your menu plan. That's it. Unless it's a holiday. Until you get better at meal planning, stick to steamed veggies and salads and leave the loaded baked potato salads.

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We all have way too much stuff to do. Plan to only go to the grocery store once a week.

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This helps you manage your time better and can help you stick to your meal plan and use up all of the food that you bought. Go through your menu plan. Are there meals at the end of the week that need fresh ingredients? If so, move the meals around so that those meals get eaten first.

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On that note- serve what you have planned. Even if there's something else you like better. If you don't do this, then you'll end the week with a pantry of veggies and not a snack food or bowl of ice cream in site. Serving the healthy stuff increases the chances that it actually gets consumed and helps you stretch your grocery budget. You can grab your free PDF copy of this simple meal planning for beginners by clicking here.

You need to make grocery shopping easy. Establishing a routine is the only way that I know to do that. In the end though, this is the smartest thing you can do to set yourself up for successful meal planning. This is our current favorite. They have a database of super easy to make freezer meals where you can make 10 of any of their recipes within an hour to freeze.

They're healthy and delicious. They have allergy friendly options and they do all of the planning for you. We switched to these a few months ago and haven't looked back since! You can get more information on Freezeasy here. They offer you fresh food that you pick up twice a week from a local pick up spot usually a gym.

However, for singles and couples struggling to get into the routine of just not eating fast food, I think this is a solid option. You can get info on Diet to Go here.